Matrixneedling™ Nadelmodul Nano Pins Smart CONTROL

Matching needle module with nano elevations for the Smart CONTROL needling pen.
Staffelpreise Steril


Content: 5 Stk. (€4.00* / 1 Stk.)
Sterilized needle module with 130 nano elevations made of medical stainless steel for our NeedlingPen Smart CONTROL. Sterile active ingredients can be introduced into the skin painlessly, without risk and without downtime. The nano needle module creates gentle nano channels without damaging the structural integrity of the epidermis. This gentle technology allows significantly improved drug absorption, dissolves cornifications of the skin and is mandatory for a variety of non-invasive treatments, such as Nanoneedling, BB Glow, Matrixpeel or Microdermabrasion.

Here, nanoneedling is significantly more sensitive compared to traditional microneedling. The treatment form was developed to revitalize the skin and treat common problems such as lack of tone, uneven skin texture and loss of elasticity.

Numerous safety and hygiene features ensure reproducible results. Sturdy spring technology locks the guide channel in place for precise up and down movements, and the Easy-Protect cap protects the needle module from mechanical and bacterial exposure. The integrated 3-phase connector ensures a secure connection to the handpiece even under enormous physical stress. Due to their high-quality composition of resistant chrome-manganese steel with a surface of chrome oxide, hygienic and germ-resistant work is possible.



No downtime

Nano elevations do not cause traumatic reactions and there is no downtime.


Sterilization process with gamma rays for effective protection against bacteria and infections.

3-phase connect

Additional stability due to bayonet lock with integrated connector lock.


Resistant chrome-manganese steel for germ-resistant work and predictable results.

Fixed needle length

Nanoneedles work non-invasively at fixed locked and safe penetration depth.


Additional protective cap prevents damage or contamination of the needles.


Active ingredient penetration
Skin renewal
Soft peel
BB Glow
Fruit Acids

Safe & effective.


Achieve proven improved skin texture with Matrixneedling™ or Matrixpeel™ - our advanced microneedling therapy or fruit acid treatment - in eight simple steps and less than 45 minutes of treatment time with this needle module and NeedlingPen Smart CONTROL.
Please read the operating instructions carefully before use. Clean hands thoroughly before contact with the needle module. Switch off the handpiece before replacing it. Carefully remove the needle module from the packaging. Grasp the needle module by the plastic housing. Insert the module into the handpiece of the unit and turn it clockwise until it clicks into place. Before inserting the module into the handpiece, the protective cap must be removed. In order to be able to use the nanoneedle module, the unit must be set to the needle length 0.3 mm when switched on. The needle length is set directly on the rotary control of the device. To remove the needle module, turn the needle module counterclockwise and remove it from the handpiece.

Technical data.

Number of needles130 pins
MaterialMedical stainless steel
Penetration depth0,1 mm
TypeSingle Use