Grow thicker, fuller eyebrows.


Enhance your most important facial feature. Grow thicker, fuller eyebrows with our unique microneedling treatment combined with vitamin-rich oils, and pharmaceutical peptides in six easy steps.

What is BrowPop™?




BrowPop™ combines a high-efficacy vitamin complex with a minimally-invasive microneedling treatment, which promotes growth at the hair follicle for thicker, fuller eyebrows. With either a NeedlingPen or Dermastamp, sterile needles perforate the skin during the microneedling treatment to deliver vitamins and peptides further into the skin’s dermal layer to stimulate hair follicles and cell renewal. This combination of microneedling and pharmaceutical pure peptides with natural oils addresses expressionless, narrow, and sparse eyebrows. New baby hairs grow, existing eyebrow hairs are revitalized and strengthened, resulting in thicker, stronger eyebrows. The result is thicker and stronger eyebrows.

Unleash the power of your eyebrows.  

Your eyebrows are your most important facial feature. They communicate emotions, give character to your appearance, and help shape your face. Previously, PMU (permanent make-up) treatments were the only option that addressed sparse and narrow eyebrows that lacked volume or expression. In addition to the potential risks of PMU, it is irreversible, which can pose a potential problem for many people.

BrowPop™ is our trademarked and proven treatment that addresses sparse eyebrows with natural ingredients. Our high-efficacy vitamin complex and Pentapeptide-17 delivers an intense supply of nutrients directly to the hair follicle and hair root for stronger and denser eyebrow growth.

How does BrowPop™ work?

Fuller eyebrows, naturally.

In six simple steps and less than 30 minutes, you can revitalize your eyebrows with natural vitamins and powerful peptides : starting with the initial cleansing and ending with perfect aftercare.



Start with clean eyebrows. Our Cleansing Foam thoroughly and gently removes dirt, sebum, and make-up residue from your eyebrows.


To the Cleansing Foam




Remove built-up dead skin cells. Our Brow Peel removes skin dander and dead skin skin cells between your fine eyebrow hairs in preparation for the microneedling treatment to be completed evenly and without irritation. 


To the Brow Peel

3 Eyebrow Vitamins


Boost Your Treatment. With 18 carefully selected ingredients, a targeted supply of nutrients is applied directly to the hair follicle and hair root for stronger and thicker eyebrow growth.


To the Eyebrow Vitamins



stimulants. All our microneedling devices promote elastin and collagen production, stimulate the hair follicles, and allow the precise delivery of eyebrow vitamins into the designated dermal layer. Choose between a NeedlingPen or Dermastamp.


To the Needling Devices 



Lock-in moisture. Our Brow Sealing Cream ensures the serum works at its intended dermal layer and protects the skin from environmental factors.


To the Brow Sealing Cream



Grow to Go. Our Brow Growth Enhancer is a daily supportive care that improves the microneedling results in-between treatments.


To the Brow Growth Enhancer


carefully selected ingredients that revitalize eyebrows.


of the customers saw results of denser and stronger eyebrows.


of the products manufactured in the European Union abiding by the highest safety standards.

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