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Unleash the self-healing power of your skin. Our personalised Microneedling system addresses your individual skin concerns and visibly transforms your skin in eight simple steps.

What is Matrixneedling™?




Matrixneedling™ is our further development of the well-known therapy. It is a consecutive, minimally invasive and completely indication-based therapy for the reconstruction of the collagen network and percutaneous drug delivery as well as its systemic distribution. By temporarily perforating the skin with sterile needles and causing physical trauma, the therapy induces a wound healing cascade with minimal damage to epidermal integrity. MicroneedlingThis self-healing process leads to the reorganisation of collagen fibres and the release of growth factors that stimulate the formation of new collagen, elastin and capillaries. At the same time, utilises the increased permeability of the skin to release highly potent therapeutic molecules that act directly and immediately in the intended structures of the cutis. Matrixneedling™ The effect has been proven by empirical studies, but more importantly: 96 % of all users would recommend treatment with our products to their friends or colleagues.

What makes the difference?

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Since the discovery of Microneedling, known as percutaneous collagen induction therapy, the treatment options have developed rapidly. Within a decade, we have helped numerous innovations to become marketable, which have had a lasting impact on the field and have subsequently been copied many times over. With our Matrixneedling™ treatment, we offer users a versatile system that allows treatment to be carried out flexibly, safely and reproducibly. By choosing D/A products, you are opting for certified and proven quality from Germany combined with industry-leading expertise in product development. You can be sure that you are always using high-quality products and active ingredients in accordance with the latest findings and prescribed standards.


  • Non-operational
  • Effective
  • Regenerative
  • Safe
  • Low risk
  • Cost-effective


  • Customisable
  • Systemic
  • Innovative
  • Simple
  • Reproducible
  • Flexible
  • Medically certified

How does Matrixneedling™ work?

Make it yours Treatment.

In eight simple steps and less than 45 minutes of treatment time, you can achieve a demonstrably better complexion. From the initial Cleansing to regenerative aftercare, Matrixneedling™ offers you the widest range of treatments in the world. Personalise the most important steps with active and patented ingredients for even better results.

1 Cleansing

Ensure clear skin. Our Cleanser gently yet thoroughly cleanse the skin of dead skin cells, sebum, Make-Up and skin impurities before treatment. Our Cleanser are formulated to strengthen the skin barrier and the skin's natural protective function before treatment.

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2 Peeling

Remove dead skin cells. Our enzymatic Peeling based on encapsulated fruit extracts and bromelain gently removes dead skin cells, clarifies the skin texture and paves the way for rapid skin renewal after treatment. As a result, Sterile active ingredients can be applied more homogeneously and barrier-free transdermally.

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3 Serum

Boost Your Treatment. Choose the right product for your treatment goal from over 20 Ready-to-Use Microneedling serums or viscous gels. All our products are pharmaceutically pure and have been developed for transdermal delivery. Experience the results with numerous patented active ingredients of the highest quality.

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4 Needling

Rock'n'ROLL. All our Microneedling devices, such as Dermaroller, dermastamps or fully automatic needling pens, have first-class technical features with needles made of durable and germ-resistant stainless steel (chrome-manganese). With a minimised needle diameter, precise perforation of the skin is guaranteed.

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5 Hydration

Our Hydration Masks fulfil three essential functions according to Microneedling: hydration, protection and regeneration. They enable intensive hydration of the skin, support the regeneration process and stimulate the body's own elastin and collagen production. Redness, irritation, micro-tears and feelings of dryness are immediately reduced.

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6 Repair

Trauma without drama. Our Repair Balm is a post Treatment Solution treatment to strengthen the weakened skin barrier and restore skin balance. It also has a pH-regulating, intensively nourishing, repairing and restorative effect.

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7 UV Protect

No side effects. Our UV Protect Creme is an intensive UV-protecting, repairing, low-viscosity and very quickly absorbed emulsion. It has been specially developed to protect sensitive areas of skin with damaged epidermal integrity from sun exposure, provide intensive care and promote the healing process of the skin barrier.

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8 Daily Care

Care afterwards. Choose the right product for your treatment goal from 5 Enhancing creams. These are designed as supportive day care to promote the results of the treatment and support the skin in the repair process.

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The most versatile Microneedling system with class 2b medical certification worldwide.


of users would recommend the Microneedling treatment with our products to their friends or colleagues.

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