Our AHA fruit acid exfoliation treatment.


Peel away your imperfections. Our personalized exfoliation treatment gives you glowing skin and illuminates your complexion in eight simple steps.

What is Matrixpeel™?




Matrixpeel™ is our step-by-step, exfoliation treatment that follows a series of sequential steps: nanodermabrasion, chemical peeling, and nanoneedling, which exfoliate your skin to support skin renewal and improve its structure. In contrast to conventional acid peels, our unique exfoliation process allows you to benefit from a more uniform exfoliation and a deeper absorption of the chemical peel’s active ingredients. Our highly customized process ensures that you receive the best optimal treatment results and allows you to personalize your treatment to target your specific skin indications and concerns.

Add real benefits to your acid peel routine.


Nanodermabrasion is performed with the NeedlingPen and its corresponding nano needle cartridge to remove minor blemishes and dead skin cells. This stimulates blood circulation and the skin's cell renewal process. The fruit acid is then applied, creating a more uniform exfoliation, and allowing the active ingredients of the fruit acid to further penetrate the epidermis.


Acid Peel & Nanoneedling

The sterile acid solution tailors to your target area and desired treatment indication. Depending on the acid peel exposure time, the peel deconstructs the skin’s protein barrier, loosens skin adhesion, and removes the desired layer of the epidermis. The texture and appearance of your skin improves over time.

How does Matrixpeel™ work?

Make it your treatment.

In eight simple steps and less than 45 minutes, you can have a brighter complexion. Beginning from the initial cleansing step to choosing the right acid peel and regenerative aftercare, Matrixpeel™ offers you personalized treatment that is as unique as you. Customize your acid peel to target your skin concerns with highly active and patented ingredients for even better results.

1 Cleansing Foam


Start with clean skin. Our Cleansing Foam is light and gently removes dirt, sebum, and make-up residue from your skin.


To the Cleansing Foam



Remove sebum and built-up dead skin cells. Our Degreaser thoroughly cleanses and disinfects the skin before the chemical peel is applied.


To the Degreaser

3 Nanopeel

Clear your skin. Call it nanopeel, microdermabrasion or mechanical exfoliation; it doesn’t matter. The NeedlingPen clears your skin from blemishes and bumps, allowing for a more uniform and less irritable exfoliation from the acid peel.


To the Catridges

Acid Peel


Use either a mono acid peel or acid complex peel to treat your target indication and support cell renewal. The contents of each sterile vial are applied with the NeedlingPen to increase the penetration. Always carefully monitor the status of the peel.


To the Acid Peels

5 Neutralization


Our neutralizing solution regulates the pH value of your skin after the acid peel and immediately stops the chemical action of the peeling process and prevents overpeel.


To the Neutralizer



Soothes, calms, and regenerates your skin after peeling. Redness, irritation, and the feeling of dryness are immediately reduced.


To the Calming Mask



No side effects. The Repair Cream has a calming effect on stressed skin and restores your skin's pH value. It reconstructs the skin’s barrier, regulates it pH value, provides an intensively nourishing effect.


To the Repair Cream



Following your treatment, your skin is highly sensitive. Protect your skin from UV radiation and minimize the risk and complications of unwanted effects.


To the Photo Protector


Treatments combined into one for the most effective peeling ever.


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Training: Hands-on, in-house or online

Learn acid peel treatments at the expert level.

GSW Institut is our official and authorized training partner. Since 1999, GSW has published numerous articles and educated numerous professionals in the field of microneedling, PRP and other aesthetic medical treatments. Through their proven network of health experts, they offer training courses in six locations in Germany, as well as online courses, conference presentations and in-house training courses.

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