Matrixneedling™ NeedlingPen SMART CONTROL

Cosmetic NeedlingPen for flexible treatments by beauty professionals.
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The NeedlingPen Smart CONTROL with adjustable needle length and up to 18,000 strokes per minute, enables professional microneedling, BB Glow and other treatments to reconstruct the collagen network. All components and technical features are powerful and designed with intensive continuous operation in beauty salons, spas and aesthetic institutions in mind.

For example, the fully automatic microneedling system impresses with its Swiss precision motor and two powerful 600 mAh rechargeable batteries. The very thin needles with a diameter of only 0.18 mm (34 gauge) ensure low-pain perforation even with higher needle lengths. Traumatic skin reactions, microtears as well as downtime after treatment can be reduced to a minimum.

With 6 power levels, the perforation rate can be adjusted to the penetration depth and individual skin condition. The needle length can be precisely locked between 0.25 mm and 2.5 mm using the practical control dial. Numerous features, such as Smart Memory function, 3D Battery Protection, LED Speed Control display or the 3-phase connector make this the most advanced device for microneedling treatment in the commercial sector. Four different needle modules allow the practitioner maximum flexibility for a variety of indications and treatment options. Optionally, operation in cable mode or without power loss in battery mode is possible.
The original NeedlingPen Smart CONTROL is protected by the German Patent and Trademark Office



Maximum performance

With 18,000 strokes per minute and Swiss precision motor, maximum performance is available at all times.

Adjustable needle length

More flexibility during treatment due to continuously adjustable needle length from 0.25 to 2.5 mm.

Smart Memory

Maintains the device settings of the speed level at the user-specific level.

LED Speed Control

The 6-fold speed control system shows the power level at any time on the LED display.

3D Battery Protect

protections ensure the longevity and performance of both batteries.

3-phase connector

More safety due to bayonet lock and secured connector lock in the needle module.


Acne scars
Stretch marks
Stretch marks
Pigment spots
Age spots
Hair loss
Beard growth
Eye circles
Crow's feet
Pore refinement
Localized fat deposits
Tissue weakness

Safe & effective.

The application.

Integrate the NeedlingPen Smart CONTROL into your microneedling treatment. Or, in eight simple steps and less than 45 minutes of treatment, achieve a proven improvement in skin texture with Matrixneedling™ - our advanced microneedling therapy.

4 Needling

Please read the operating instructions carefully before use. Clean hands thoroughly before contact with the needle module or wear disposable gloves. Insert the needle module into the handpiece of the unit and turn it clockwise until it clicks into place. Now set the desired needle length on the wheel and the desired speed on the device. The LED display always shows you which level you are currently at. Briefly test whether the treatment is painless for you. If you would like to apply a sterile active ingredient serum directly with the NeedlingPen, then spread this on the affected skin area. Tighten the skin area you want to treat with two fingers. Place the NeedlingPen on the skin area for treatment. Apply the serum in circular movements with little pressure. Go over each skin area about 5 to 8 times.

Technical data.

Scope of delivery:

1 x NeedlingPen Smart CONTROL
2 x 16 pin needle module
2 x rechargeable battery 600 mAh
1 x charging adapter
1 x network connector
1 x operating instructions
Compatible needle modules
16 Pin
36 Pin
42 Pin
Power levels6
Needle length0.25 mm - 2.5 mm
Needle diameter0.18 mm
Operating modeCable & Wireless
Battery600 mAh
Battery life10 to 12 h
Weight70 g
InputAC 110V-240V, DC 5V, 500mA
Special equipmentLED display
Smart Memory
3-phase connector