Matrixneedling™ Skin Tone Control Sterile Serum

Microneedling serum for the treatment of melasma-related skin spots.
  • Reduces melasma-induced hyperpigmentation
  • Evens out different skin tones
  • Many times more effective than conventional cosmetics
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Content: 10 ml (€289.90* / 100 ml)
Skin Tone Imperfection Control is a sterile, highly concentrated microneedling serum designed to reverse melasma-related pigmentation, skin spots and hyperpigmentation. It is designed to be infused transdermally into the skin using the NeedlingPen or Dermaroller to regulate melanin synthesis and effectively inhibit the conversion of plasminogen to plasmin in a biochemical mechanism, making it capable of lightening skin discolorations caused by hormonal imbalances, UV radiation, inflammation or the use of certain medications .

By introducing tranexamic acid by microneedling and its anti-hemorrhagic effect, the formation of plasmin is blocked by inhibiting tyrosinase and the proteolytic activity of plasminogen activators. As a result, plasmin is hindered in its ability to lyse fibrin, which is causative for the development of melasma-related pigmentary disorders.

We use crystalline tranexamic acid as a synthetic amino acid in an optimal concentration of 1.9%. Due to its perfect viscosity, Skin Tone Imperfecton Control is optimally suited as a gentle sliding film between the microneedling device and the skin, which is why the treatment is perceived as significantly more pleasant for both the user and the person being treated.



Fast results

Formulation for visible results after just a few applications


Pharmaceutically pure lancing ampoule, designed as a multi-use injection container.


The product does not contain animal ingredients.


We test our products exclusively on ourselves, never on animals.


Free from artificial penetrators, mineral oil, kerosenes, parabens and silicones.<

Effective & Precise.

How to use.

Incorporate this serum into your existing microneedling treatment for pigmentary disorders. Or, in eight simple steps and less than 45 minutes of treatment time, achieve a proven improvement in skin texture with Matrixneedling™ - our advanced microneedling therapy.

3 Serum

A blunt cannula and a syringe are required to withdraw the serum. Place the cannula on the syringe and remove the protective cap of the cannula. Now remove the protective cap of the serum and pierce the septum with the cannula. Now you can draw up the syringe very easily. Then apply the serum to the treatment area to work it in with the NeedlingPen or Dermaroller.

Technical data

10 ml
TypeInjection container
Penetration depth0,25 mm - 2,5 mm
Packagingvial / ampoule
MaterialAmber glass
SeptumPiercing rubber
ClosureAluminum sheet
Protective capFlip-top
Storage temperature15 - 25 degrees