Matrixneedling™ Dermaroller 1,50 mm 192 Pins / Ø 0.18 mm

Professional dermaroller with real needles and a needle length of 1.5 mm.
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The original D/A Dermaroller with a needle length of 1.5 mm enables deep microneedling treatment and percutaneous collagen induction therapy. A total of 192 genuine and individually spiked surgical stainless steel needles ensure precise perforation of the skin to significantly increase absorption of active ingredients and stimulate the body's own production of growth factors, such as collagen and elastin. The 1.5 mm needle length version is optimal for targeted treatment of severe wrinkles, body folds, deep scars and acne scars, age spots, pregnancy and stretch marks, localized fat deposits (lipolysis) and for cellulite and tissue weakness.

Our dermaroller is manufactured in a complex process using real stainless steel needles. These are extremely robust and have a diameter of only 0.18 mm. This allows the needles to penetrate the skin very easily, leaving absolutely precise perforation channels. Traumatic skin reactions and painful microtears can thus be ruled out, even with longer needles, and the regeneration time can be reduced to a minimum.

With more than 15,000 professional users in dermatology and aesthetics, the D/A Dermaroller is the leading dermaroller in Germany.

Safe & effective.


Incorporate the Dermaroller into your microneedling treatment. Or, in eight simple steps and less than 45 minutes of treatment time, achieve a proven improvement in skin texture with Matrixneedling™ - our advanced microneedling therapy.

4 Needling

Disinfect the dermaroller with our Disinfectant Spray. The correct technique for needling ensures an even perforation of the treatment area. It is helpful to divide the body part into different areas. Now roll 8 times from top to bottom and 8 times from left to right. Then roll 8 times diagonally from top left to bottom right and 8 times from top right to bottom left. Between each roll, remove the Dermaroller completely from the skin and reapply. Repeat this process until all skin areas are treated. Re-disinfect after treatment.

Technical data.

We have perfected our dermaroller and its technical features based on more than half a million treatments. Even small details in ergonomics or material selection make an enormous difference in microneedling.
Needle length
1,5 mm
Number of needles192
Roller width20 mm
MaterialSurgical stainless steel
Total length130 mm
Weight22 g


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