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Matrixneedling™ Needle module Nano Pins Medical Control

Suitable needle module with nano elevations for the NeedlingPen Medical Control.
  • Safe anti-backflow system
  • Improves the absorption of active ingredients
  • For nanoneedling and fruit acids
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Content: 5 Stk. (€12.00* / 1 Stk.)

Professionals only!

Sterilised needle module with 130 nano-elevations made of medical stainless steel and patented liquid backflow system for our NeedlingPen Medical Control. Sterile Active ingredients can be introduced into the skin painlessly, without risk and without downtime. The nano needle module creates gentle nanochannels without damaging the structural integrity of the epidermis. This gentle technology enables significantly improved absorption of active ingredients, dissolves keratinisation of the skin and is mandatory for a variety of non-invasive treatments such as nanoneedling, BB Glow, Matrixpeel or microdermabrasion.

Nanoneedling is significantly more sensitive compared to traditional Microneedling. The treatment was developed to revitalise the skin and treat common problems such as lack of tone, uneven skin texture and loss of elasticity.

Numerous safety and hygiene functions ensure reproducible results. The stable spring technology locks the guide channel and ensures precise up and down movements, while the Easy- Protect cap protects the needle module from mechanical and bacterial damage. The integrated twist lock ensures a secure connection to the hand-held device even under enormous physical stress. Thanks to their high-quality design made of resistant chrome-manganese steel with a chrome oxide surface, hygienic and germ-resistant working is possible.
The centrepiece of the needle module is the world's safest anti-backlow system. This is because contamination from infected fluids (such as blood, plasma or serum) can be transferred from the needles that have come into contact with blood and tissue to the module housing and from there to the handpiece. It can potentially cause damage here or be transferred to the next patient via the needle housing. The reason for this is the typical tendency at Microneedling for the fluid contained in the module to be sucked in and transported further by the movement of the module. Existing anti-backflow systems have focussed on creating a safety membrane behind the needles in the module housing. However, this solution does not guarantee absolute safety, as the membrane moves inside the cartridge. In this way, infectious body fluids can still enter the space between the membrane and the plastic body of the cartridge towards the handpiece. We have created a silicone cap outside the cartridge that traps and contains all potential sources of infection. Currently the most advanced and safest solution in microneedling worldwide.




The world's safest anti-backflow system protects against contamination.


Fast and secure locking system for maximum safety.

Fixed needle length

Nanoneedles work non-invasively at a fixed and safe penetration depth.

Easy- Protect

Additional protective cap prevents damage or contamination of the needles.


Sterilisation process with gamma rays for effective protection against bacteria and infections.

No downtime

Nanosurveys do not cause traumatic reactions and there is no downtime.


Active ingredient penetration
Skin renewal
Soft Peel
BB Glow
Fruit acids

Safe & effective.

The application.

With this needle module and the NeedlingPen Medical Control , you can achieve a demonstrably better complexion in eight simple steps and less than 45 minutes of treatment time with Matrixneedling™ or Matrixpeel™ - our advanced Microneedling therapy or fruit acid treatment.

Learn how to use this needle module in our free online course:

Please read the operating instructions carefully before use. Clean hands thoroughly before coming into contact with the needle module. Switch off the handpiece before replacing it. Carefully remove the needle module from the packaging. Grip the needle module by the plastic housing. Insert the module into the handpiece of the device and turn it clockwise until you hear it click into place. The protective cap must be removed before the module is inserted into the handpiece. To be able to use the nano needle module, the device must be set to needle length 1.0 mm when switched on. The needle length is set directly on the device's rotary control. To remove the needle module, turn the needle module anti-clockwise and remove it from the handpiece.

Technical data

Medical Control
Number of needles130 Pins
Needle materialMedical stainless steel
Penetration depth0,1 mm
TypeSingle use

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